In-Home Private Training

Prohance Services

Time constraints are the number one reason people don’t work out, and even if you can find the time – what do you do? Hire me to be your fitness manager.

I’ve been a personal trainer for more than 15 years. I specialize in working with high powered business professionals with busy lifestyles and help them get back in shape – pain free.

Here are three ways that I can help you get healthy so you can work hard and play hard.

1) Personal Training

I make working out and getting into a healthy lifestyle easy by managing  every aspect of your fitness. I’ll work with your assistant to find time on your schedule, I come to you so there’s no need to drive to the gym or studio, and I’ll create a workout plan that is customized to your abilities, limitations, and goals.

  • 1 Tester session: $120
  • 2-3 month Starter Package (24 sessions): $2700
  • 4-6 month High Achiever Package (48 sessions): $4700*

As a special bonus, when you purchase the 6 month package you also get a complimentary nutritional support health package.

2) Essential Health Nutritional Support

These nutrition bundles can be added onto your personal training packages to amplify your results and offer nutritional support so you feel great at every session.

Each package contains a 2 month supply.

  • Essential Health Package

    This package helps rebuild muscles after your workouts and boost your immune system so you feel great all of the time. It includes a multi-vitamin and a full protein supplement. Pretty much everyone is deficient in at lease one micro-nutrient so this will help your body getback into shape inside and out.
    Price: $113.98

  • Essential Health Plus Package

    This bundle has everything in the Essential Health Package then it also takes it up a notch with Vitamin D and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s). With the addition of these two supplements your body will recover faster after workouts, your immune system will receive even more of a boost, and since EFA’s are also an important part of healthy brain development and neuromuscular function you may also experience more focus and ability to concentrate.
    Price: $154.96

  • On the Go Package

    Too busy to eat healthy? This bundle includes 12 Protein bars, healthy nuts and a water bottle to keep your body running in tip top shape. Protein is the building block for growth in lean muscle. When you’re busy and on the go these healthy snacks will help fill the gap. You are 65% water and drinking lots of clean, filtered water daily will ensure that you stay hydrated which improves concentration, eliminates headaches, and helps you feel better during your day to day activities.
    Price: $61.99

  • Muscle Building Package

    Building muscle requires lots of effort (both in and out of the gym). This package includes a high potency multi-vitamin, full protein shake, meal replacement and shaker. Having a high potency vitamin will help insure your body is never nutrient deficient, even during the hardest workouts. Extra protein and a meal replacement will help you get the additional lean meals in (that are required for building strong, lean muscle).
    Price: $211.97

3) Home Gym Set-Up

In this day and age, you don’t need all of the big equipment that you find at the gym. I take more of a functional approach to fitness including equipment that can easily be set up at your home or office (or sometimes, even travel with you).

With this package I’ll set up your own personal gym including:

  • An exercise ball.
  • Workout mat.
  • Variety of resistance bands.
  • Dumbbells of varying sizes.

With this set up you’ll be able to get in shape, without injury or equipment that takes up valuable real estate in your house.
Price: $350